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Aroma Freedom

Therapy with essential oils. And not just smelling a nice scent, followed by a feeling of calm. No way!
Aroma Freedom is a proper method to use as a therapist, coach or counsellor to help your clients in the process to dissolve negative feelings, thoughts and memories.

Negative thoughts

  • I can’t do it!
  • I feel inadequate
  • I am too scared
  • Who do you think you are?
  • Really?!? Are you sure?

Negative thoughts… sigh…
Once needed, but not relevant anymore. Does this inner voice come from your mother trying to protect you, or is it your teacher at school? Whomever it is that speaks these words: they are deeply rooted in your system and hard to get rid of.

Negative feelings

I bet you too can feel

  • overwhelmed
  • stressed out
  • angry
  • frustrated
  • annoyed
  • ashamed
  • nervous
  • lethargic
  • appalled

(Need I say more?)

So… does it help? Does it make you feel better to experience these emotions? To become the emotion so much so, that you can feel it getting stuck in your body?
What a waste of energy… agreed?

Negative memories

Have you ever experienced that there are certain memories that sort of haunt you every now and then?
Or you wonder why that is: that in specific situations you always respond in the same manner. Is that by choice, or is it an automatic response? Developed by experience rather than by choice?
Or: you go to work and underway you bump into someone and that happening reminds you of that one time at secondary school when this boy beat you up? You thought you had left that memory behind, but there it is again! Present and very real.

Aroma Freedom

Aroma Freedom is a wonderful way to dissolve and release these negative thoughts, feelings and memories which are withholding you from living your best life. Achieving your goals and dreams.
Aroma Freedom is a way to set your emotional energy flowing in a positive direction, towards growth and expansion.

Using Young Living Essential Oils in this process is an important element. The oils are calming to the brain and thus calming to the emotional triggers that we feel towards the goals and intentions we like to set. The essential oils give a signal to the limbic system in the brain that it is safe to relax.
And when we are relaxed we feel confident, energized and free to live the lives we long for.


Well, that is a good question. The steps are easy. You just have to follow them, inhale essential oils at a specific moment in the process, work through all that comes up and let yourself be guided by the friendly support of your Practitioner.

When to use Aroma Freedom

An Aroma Freedom Technique session starts with this negative voice that tells you that whatever you want is impossible. Therefore you can use it in many different situations. Let me give you a few examples:

  • Stage fright
  • Fear of failure
  • Procrastination
  • Unprocessed feelings and memories
  • When you feel helpless
  • Get clarity about which way to go in your life
  • High sensitivity
  • Listening to your intuition

Aroma Freedom trainings

I offer different levels of trainings.
All of them are possible online.
Further down this page I am explaining the difference between the techniques.

  • Immersion – You will learn the basics of the Aroma Freedom Technique. After the training you can use this basic technique for yourself.
  • Basic training – You will learn all the different techniques of Aroma Freedom:
    – The Memory Resolution Technique
    – Aroma Freedom Boost
    – Aroma Reset
    – Aroma Freedom Technique
    After this training you feel confident using all the different techniques for yourself.
  • Certification – You will need to be certified if you are planning on using Aroma Freedom professionally in your coaching practice, as a counsellor or therapist or as a Certified Aroma Freedom Practitioner. In this 3 month course you will learn how to lead clients and yourself through the Aroma Freedom processes.
    Next to the different techniques there are other lessons like:
    – Active listening
    – Goal setting
    – Heart coherence
    – Memory reconsolidation
    – Aroma Freedom for groups

Would you like to know more about Aroma Freedom in general or about the different trainings which can be organzied for groups, individuals and teams? Please send an email: hermien @

The Memory Resolution Technique

Aroma Reset/Aroma Freedom Boost

Aroma Freedom Technique

Hermien Rondeel


– Certified Aroma Freedom Instructor and Practitioner

May all dreams come true. 

Becoming an Aroma Freedom Instructor is my dream come true.
Being a teacher and guiding people to being the most beautiful version of themselves is the best job in the world. And to be honest, I am proud to be the only Aroma Freedom Instructor in Europe.

What people say about Hermien

"Thank you Hermien, for suporting me by making my first steps with the
Aroma Freedom Technique. You were very kind, supportive, warm hearted and willing to help.
Doing sessions together with you made it easier to understand the AFT process,
how it works."
"I would like to send out a huge thank you to my AFT coach Hermien Rondeel.
I'm so grateful to you for all your support and guidance through this 30 day miracle challenge."
"After our AFT-session I felt empowered and strong to reach my final goal
a financially healthy, blooming business.
Hermien, thank you!"
Mark Overmars